Get the Right Tenant (and live in peace)

Getting the right tenant is important if you want to be able to relax while owning an investment property.  Here are some strategies used by Who Property:


Professional Quality Photography -

Advertise your property so that it is attractive (you would think this would be a given)

Good photography and written copy will attract more prospective tenants.  More prospects means more choice and subsequently a better tenant.

Look at properties for rent on the major websites and compare them to properties for sale. Photography for rental properties comes a poor second and the words generally do little to create interest.

As a part of our standard service, Who Property provide good quality photography at no extra cost and write copy that will sell the property to prospective tenants.  We want prospective tenants to be drawn to inspect your property ahead of any competition. 

Take a look at the following photographs which were taken at the same time.

The photos to the right are examples of what can be done with just a little more effort on the part of the agent. The photos on the left are of typical quality used for marketing rental properties.


Longer Open House Times -

The selection process starts long before an application

A longer open house time allows us time to start to talk to prospective tenants.  It's amazing how much information you learn when you have time to chat.  Already we are starting to get a feel for what people might be like as tenants.  The selection process is starting, before they even apply.  This is why Who Property allow 30 minutes per open house for rentals.  Who Property is different to most agents.


Extensive Background Checks

We have our own application forms and check all information received very carefully.  We want to prove that the applicants can afford to pay the rent, will look after your property and they are going to be fair and reasonable to deal with.  Where there are gaps in an application we will explore those until we are satisfied we can make a recommendation or eliminate that applicant.


Communication is key

Excellent communication is absolutely essential.  Bad communication is frustrating, stressful and often expensive.

Every owner and every tenant is given Wayne Hack’s mobile number.   He is the managing director and licensee in charge of Who Property Pty Ltd.  You can call him at anytime. 

Wayne makes himself accessible as much as possible and understands the importance and value of accurate and timely communication……. a value that is ultimately measured in stress free satisfaction and dollars.

Mobile: Wayne Hack - 04 1778 1778

If your searching for minimum stress, maximum satisfaction and maximum income, then your expectations and our service are going to be a perfect match.


The Next Step

In the first instance, call Wayne Hack (04 1778 1778) to discuss your thoughts on leasing your property.

After initial discussion you may like to arrange an obligation free inspection and rental appraisal.

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